The World's First Autonomous Wine Show Decanter

The art of wine drinking has been in place for thousands of years. VinoTron has made dramatic advances in mechatronics, enabling the enhancement of wine tasting and entertainment.

Engineering Meets Art

VinoTron is an engineering and design firm that specializes in creating wine decanter fountains that dazzle the senses. We leverage the elements of nature to design an interactive, playful, and energetic instrument of wine aeration.

Orchestrated Excellence

We fine tune our decanter fountains like musicians tuning an instrument. The fountain is programmed for autonomous choreography through intelligent digital signal processing.

Experience to Boot

Our diverse team is comprised of several years of R&D and manufacturing experience in critical industries. As a result we continuously and rapidly innovate.

Wine Revealed In Its True Form

Wine aeration automation and special effects are intelligently designed by VinoTron subject matter experts per customizable user requirements to give life to a wine show that is captivating. VinoTron's aeration technology has been demonstrated to significantly enhance the robust, flavorful aroma and taste of wine.

Safe and Delicious

We seek to include only biocompatible materials that are compliant with "ISO standards, ROHS, and REACH." Let the pure aromatic compounds fill the room after the show, thanks to the pressurized decanter system design.

Best Wines from our Wine Fountain

Jonathan Anson

Research Engineer & Co Founder

Lingwen Cui

Scientist, Artist & Co Founder

Frederick Perry II

Chief Architect & Co Founder

Jonathan Rice

Digital Innovation Wizard


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"Our goal is to donate 10% of all profit to worthy charities."
Autonomous Fountain is not Limited to Wine.
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